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How to type the Apple logo

Are you looking to write the Apple symbol in a WhatsApp, Instagram message or any other social platform but don’t know where to find it on your keyboard?

No problem! In this article we will show you how you can use the apple symbol on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, FreeFire profile or anywhere you want, on both iPhone and Android.

Here is what we will teach you here:

símbolo maçã da Apple iPhone

How to write the Apple symbol

It’s a special character that only appears on Apple devices. It doesn’t come with normal keyboards. To generate it, you need to find a solution. And that is what you will learn in this guide.

Some call it the “Apple Apple”, “Apple logo” or “iPhone symbol”. This symbol is widely used on social platforms to show everyone that you have a device from the iPhone manufacturer. It’s almost like an Apple sticker that people put on the back of their car.

We will show you how you can copy it and use it anywhere, and even add it to your iPhone.

Quick method to copy the Apple logo

The quickest way to use the Apple symbol on your iPhone or iPad is to copy it from the character below:

 [ — TAP HERE TO COPY — ] 

Now it’s copied to your device and you can paste it wherever you want, like on your profile. If you’re not on an Apple device, you won’t see the symbol, but on the social platform it will show to everyone.

If you want the symbol to always be available on your system, keep reading this article to find out how to do it.


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