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How to type the Apple logo

Creating a Shortcut

In iOS, you can create a text shortcut in the settings, so that every time you type that shortcut, it will automatically turn into the Apple symbol (apple logo).

Follow these steps:

  1. Select and copy the Apple logo  as you did above.
  2. Open iOS Settings and go to the menu General › Keyboard › Text Replacement.
  3. Tap on the ✚ button.
  4. Where it says “Phrase“, paste the Apple symbol.
  5. Where it says “Shortcut“, put “aapple” or any other easy-to-remember word that will be replaced by the logo.
  6. Tap Save.

Done. Every time you type “aapple” (or any other word you decide), the system will immediately replace it with the Apple symbol.

How to type Apple symbol

And on Android, how do you do it? Calm down, we’ll explain!


Apple Symbol on Android

Outside of an Apple device, you can paste the apple symbol in some social networks that have incorporated this character into their platform, such as Twitter and Instagram.

But if you send a message with this symbol via WhatsApp or Telegram, will it appear on Android or Windows? Probably not.

It’s an exclusive symbol of Apple systems, so it only appears on them. Other systems will show a square instead.

You can still view it on Android, for example, if the device owner has installed a root modification that has incorporated extra symbols. But otherwise, it won’t appear.

So keep this in mind: outside of some social networks, only Apple users will be able to view the apple symbol.

How to Type the Apple Symbol on Mac

If you use the macOS system, things become easier, as there is already a set of keys that allows you to type the symbol directly.

Just press the SHIFT+OPTION+K (⇧+⌥+K) keys at the same time, and the apple will be typed in the text you’re working on.

Keep in mind that only BDI tells you: if by chance you are using a different font in your text that is not native to the system, it is likely that only a square will appear. In this case, change the font of the symbol to a compatible one (such as Monaco) and the apple will appear.

But note that the text substitution tip also works on Mac! Text shortcuts are automatically synchronized between devices through iCloud, so it’s likely that by typing “aapple” in the macOS, it will also switch to the Apple symbol, if you have already configured this on your iPhone.

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