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Apple Wallpapers: A Complete Collection for iPhone and iPad

All Apple Wallpapers in One Place: The Definitive Gallery for iPhone and iPad

What about a place where you can find all the wallpapers that Apple has made available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs? A single website where you wouldn’t have to search for the images separately on Google.

This place exists and it really has all the historical wallpapers that Apple has incorporated into iOS, but has been taking away over time.

A user has been maintaining a gallery on Google Photos for a few years where he brings together all these images.

And the interesting thing is that there are not only iOS wallpapers, but also other images, such as the home screen backgrounds of the Home app, CarPlay, and Safari, as well as images that were only used in promotional photos.

Everything is very well organized and easily accessible for everyone to download for free. It’s really an impressive work and well updated.

It’s also worth noting that there are even animated images, such as those made in Live Photo that moved when you pressed the screen of the iPhone 6s and 7 (with the late 3D Touch).

To access all the images, simply follow this link. And if you also want to recover some macOS wallpaper, there is also a gallery dedicated to it. 😉

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