Apple’s iPhone 15 could release without a SIM card slot in more countries

A French site published a rumor this week stating that the iPhone 15 to be sold in the country may come without the SIM card tray, just like the iPhone 14 already available in the United States. This rumor reinforces information brought by the iPhone Blog a year and a half ago.

On Christmas Eve 2021, BDI published exclusive information that made headlines on various technology websites worldwide, such as MacRumors, 9to5mac, and AppleInsider: Apple’s plans to completely remove the SIM card slot from the iPhone. At the time, no one thought this was possible.

Based on information we had access to that year, the iPhone to be launched in 2023 would come without a slot for the so-called “carrier chip,” the physical SIM card. And some things have happened since then.

A year before predictions, the information brought by BDI was confirmed, and Apple actually launched a model without the SIM tray, but only for the United States.

This may have been a “test” to prepare for a global launch, which would happen precisely in the iPhone 15, as originally reported by BDI.

The source we had access to in 2021 was working directly with Brazil. So it is possible to imagine that the information was not entirely wrong, as the iPhone 14 did not bring the SIM tray removal model to Brazilians. This would come in the iPhone 15.

With the new information that it is possible for the physical SIM to be eliminated from the iPhone 15 in France, we can then speculate that this move could also reach the models sold in Brazil, which have always been the same as those in the European country.

Just put the two rumors together to reach this conclusion.

But why did Apple launch first in the United States and not in the rest of the world?

Operators in many countries were not prepared for such a sudden shift. It was necessary to give them time to understand that the future is a world without a physical SIM card.

By launching first in the US (where the use of eSIM is more widespread), Apple sent a strong message for other countries to accelerate the adoption of the virtual chip, in time for the worldwide launch of the iPhone 15.


If the rumors released by the French site and BDI come true, we will have a model of iPhone 15 without a slot for a physical SIM card in both Europe and Brazil this year. There will only be compatibility with the eSIM.

And the question remains: to our readers who bought the iPhone 14 in the United States without a physical chip, did you encounter any usage difficulties? Do you miss the SIM card?

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