iPhone Battery

The iPhone battery is one of the biggest concerns for users.

This is because smartphones have become the center of our digital lives, making us need them all the time.

To avoid being left stranded in the middle of the day, we’ve put together some tips and explanations to help you better manage your battery and make it last longer.

How to check your iPhone battery health

One of the first things to check when your battery starts draining too quickly is its health. The older it is, the more likely it is to have degraded over time.

Fortunately, the system analyzes this and presents the result to you. Here’s how:

iPhone battery draining too fast?

Is your battery not lasting at all and you’re suffering from it draining too quickly? Then check out this other article to find out what could be happening and how to fix it:

Tips to IMPROVE your device’s battery

On the internet, you may have already seen the so-called “battery tips” that end up telling you to do things that leave your device crippled and without functions.

We have gathered several REAL tips here for you to get the most out of your battery without having to turn off functions that you use. Check it out:

How to save the MOST battery

There are situations where you are at the maximum limit. Your battery is running out, you have no charger near you, and you cannot be without the device.

In these extreme cases, you need to save as much energy as possible, to make the device survive until you find a source of energy to recharge it.

That’s when it’s worth cutting functions and using the minimum necessary, and that’s why we made an article especially for these moments, so you know what to do.

Check it out:

Myths about the iPhone battery

On the internet, we see a lot of myths about the iPhone battery.

Stories that are passed from mouth to mouth, which often receive a little tweak here and there. In the end, we never know what is true or what is a lie.

We have compiled a list of various battery myths and clarified the truth about them. You need to know them to better understand how to use your battery:

verdades sobre a bateria do iPhoneRead on Blog do iPhone:
9 truths about the iPhone battery

How to find out battery cycles

Apple itself emphasizes the importance of battery cycles to determine its age, but does not explain how to find out the number of cycles.

Fortunately, there are some ways to find out the number of cycles on your battery, and we show you how to do it here:

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