Discover all the new Emojis that will be added in iOS 16.4

New heart colors, donkey, maracas, Wi-Fi signal, and more

Apple is already testing the beta version of the future iOS 16.4 among developers, and one of the most anticipated updates are the new 2023 Emojis.

We will show here all the Emojis that will be included in the future update for all users.

The list had already been previously released because it is part of Unicode 15.0 standard, and all of them have been incorporated into this version.

New Emoji 2023 iOS 16.4
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We can divide the novelties into classes of figures.

 Standard Emojis 

In the standard image category, there are three new heart color options: pink, light blue, and gray.

Another new emoji promises to be controversial: It is the Shaking Face. It’s dizzying just to look at it, as it doesn’t even have focus.

Rosto Tremendo
This image can cause nausea

There is also a new hand gesture that can indicate several things, such as “stop,” “touch here,” or even a Jedi gesture, as suggested in the comments… 😂

Officially, it is a Pushing Hand.

 Animal Emojis 

We have 5 new animals represented in the Emojis: Moose, Donkey, Goose, Black Bird, and Jellyfish.

There is also a wing of some bird, but it should be used in various other contexts outside the animal world.

 Food Emojis 

We only have two novelties representing food: Ginger and Pea Pod. In what context will you use this? I have no idea…

 Musical Instrument Emojis 

Two instruments have been added: Maracas and a Flute.

 Various Emojis 

More than 20 years after Wi-Fi was popularized, it finally gets a symbol in emojis. There is also the important Khanda symbol, which we have already explained here.

Another important symbol included is the Hair Pick.

The Hyacinth and the Folding Hand Fan are left to complete the list of novelties.

There is still no official release date for the final version of iOS 16.4, but it usually happens between March and April. And here at Blog do iPhone, you will follow all the news about the system.

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