iOS 17 may leave iPhone 8 and X behind, according to rumor

One of the most frequently asked questions here at BDI is about which iPhone model will no longer be updated in the next iOS.

We have even written an article on the subject, explaining all the logic that Apple usually adopts in its updates.

Now, a new rumor claims that this year we will have another batch of devices left behind.

And apparently, the apple will repeat the logic once again.

End of the line

As we have already discussed here, if Apple really decides to leave some model out of the next update, the most likely candidates are those with the A11 Bionic processor.

The source that revealed the information has a good track record of accuracy about iOS, according to MacRumors. Nevertheless, it is unconfirmed information by Apple.

The models that would not receive iOS 17 would be:

    • iPhone X
    • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
    • iPad Pro (1st generation)
    • iPad 5

As a result, all iPhones with processors up to the A11 would stop receiving updates from the new system.

However, there are exceptions for iPads, as the 6th and 7th generation iPads will continue to receive iOS updates even with an A10 Fusion. The same goes for the 2nd generation 10.5/12.9-inch iPad Pro, which has an A10X Fusion.

Last year, iOS 16 already left out many popular models to this day, much to the dismay of many. You can remember the list here.

It’s worth remembering that this is just a rumor and there is no confirmation that this will be the case. The official and definitive answer will come in two months, on June 5th, when the WWDC starts. And you will follow all the news here on Blog do iPhone.

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