Android 15 will bring a feature that iPhone users have dreamed of for years

The growing wave of cell phone thefts is a serious problem in large cities, driving the search for effective solutions. Apple itself recently launched greater protection that prevents thieves from changing the main accounts on the device without the owner’s biometrics.

However, the most common problem today is quick theft, where the thief runs by and snatches the still unlocked phone from the victim’s hand. This allows them to access banking apps and digital accounts, causing significant financial losses in a matter of minutes.

Many of our readers have always asked Apple to provide some functionality that protects certain types of apps more, like a password to open or the ability to hide them.

However, up until the publication of this article, nothing has been done, forcing users to resort to workarounds.

In this regard, Google has taken the lead and will offer in the next major update of its system a feature that will meet this demand from users: the ability to hide apps.

Private Space

Google announced this week, during its I/O conference, that the next version of its operating system, Android 15, will bring a solution awaited by many: “Private Space.”

This feature will allow users to hide apps in a space protected by biometric authentication or PIN, ensuring greater security for sensitive data.

“Private Space” will function as a digital safe within the device, isolating not only the apps but also notifications and files associated with them.

This means that even if a thief manages to grab the unlocked phone, they will not have immediate access to confidential information like banking apps or private messages.

Theft Detection Lock

Another cool new security feature coming to Android is very relevant to today’s times.

The feature called “Theft Detection” does exactly what the name suggests: it detects suspicious movements and activates the screen lock automatically if the device is forcibly taken from the user’s hands.

Protection is also triggered if the thief tries to disable the internet or fails repeated unlock attempts.

Wouldn’t it be great if the iPhone had this too?

Of course, at this moment there are many Apple haters screaming desperately while reading this article, boasting that this is proof that Android has always been superior…

But the fact is that Google is also implementing many features in Android 15 inspired by iOS, such as the requirement for biometrics to change account settings or disable the “Find My Device” function (also inspired by iOS).

The great truth is that cell phone theft nowadays is a serious problem affecting all manufacturers. Therefore, finding effective solutions that are implemented across all platforms is the best way to try to discourage this criminal practice by creating obstacles for thieves.

So yes, Google can and should bring these ideas to its users, just as Apple can also be inspired by Google to protect its users.

And please, Apple, adopt this app hiding feature soon, preferably in iOS 18!

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