What’s New in iOS 16.5

After being in beta testing since the end of March, iOS 16.5 finally it’s here for all users to download and install on their iPhones. And if you don’t know the new features it delivers, we’ve compiled a list of everything that changes. But don’t be alarmed by its size…

Check below what will change in the new system.

Pride Wallpaper

The new version of iOS includes a commemorative LGBT Pride wallpaper, specially created to match the 2023 edition of the Apple Watch Pride Edition bracelet.

Apple Watch Pride Edition 2023

Screen Recording via Siri

A simple yet convenient feature added to iOS 16.5 is the ability to ask Siri to start screen recording.

By saying “Hey Siri, start screen recording“, the virtual assistant will capture a video of your iPhone screen and, when requested, also stop the recording.

It’s worth noting that screen recording can still be initiated through the Control Center after enabling the function in Settings → Control Center.

Sports Tab in Apple News

Apple has added a dedicated Sports tab to the Apple News app (available only in English), making it easier to access news, results, and schedules for your favorite teams and leagues.

Previously, this information was available in the “Today” tab, but now it takes center stage as the company seeks to expand its sports content across all its services.

Apparently, we have reached a time of the year when Apple prefers to save big updates for the next major release (iOS 17), which is why this version does not bring significant changes.

On June 5th, you can find complete coverage of the WWDC opening here on BDI. 😉

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