Uncover the Secret: Where Was Your iPhone Originally Bought?

Learn how to find out the country of origin of your iPhone.

If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone or are interested in the different available iPhone models, you should know that not all iPhones are the same.

Even if they are purchased in a local store, during a trip abroad, or used, the origin of the device can vary.

For example, some iPhone models in China have two slots for physical SIM cards, while in the United States, the latest versions have none.

Therefore, if for some reason you want to know the country of origin of an iPhone, know that there is a simple and effective method to find out, directly in your device’s system.

We have already talked here about how to check if your iPhone is new, refurbished, or customized. And the way to discover the origin of your device is practically the same.

The secret lies in a specific code that can be found in the device settings, indicating the country for which the device was originally intended.

Here is the step-by-step guide to find out the “iPhone origin country”:

  • Step 1: Open the System Settings.
  • Step 2: Open the General menu.
  • Step 3: Tap on the About option.
  • Step 4: Look for the model code of your device on the screen.

Reconditioned iPhone

This code, embedded in each device, reveals the country of origin of the iPhone. The letters immediately before the slash in the code are the key to discovering this.

iPhone origin country

Regardless of where it is manufactured, each country receives a specific model for it. We have even taught here how to find out when an iPhone is manufactured in Brazil:

The same code can also indicate the manufacturing country of the iPhone. Check the set of letters that appear before the slash and after the last number to determine the origin of your iPhone.

Below you can see the complete list of these codes. For example, LL is the model sold in the United States, PO in Portugal. Check it out:

Code Country
A Canada
AB Egypt / Jordan / Saudi Arabia / United Arab Emirates
AA United Arab Emirates
AE United Arab Emirates
B Ireland / United Kingdom / also used for some replacement units
BG Bulgaria
BR Brazil (assembled in Brazil)
BZ Brazil (assembled in China)
BT United Kingdom
C Canada
CL Canada
CH China
CI Paraguay
CM Croatia / Hungary
CR Croatia
CS Slovakia / Czech Republic
CN Slovakia
CZ Czech Republic
D, DM Germany
DN Austria / Germany / Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
EL Estonia / Latvia
ER Ireland
F France
FB France / Luxembourg
FD Austria / Liechtenstein / Switzerland
GB Greece
GH Hungary
GP Portugal
GR Greece
HB Israel
HC Hungary / Bulgaria
HN India
ID Indonesia
IP Italy
J, JP Japan
K Sweden
KH South Korea / China
KN Norway / Denmark
KS Finland / Sweden
LA Colombia / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras / Peru / Barbados / Puerto Rico / Nicaragua / Dominican Republic
LE Argentina
LL USA / also used for some replacement units
LP Poland
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
LZ Chile / Paraguay / Uruguay
MG Hungary
MO Macau, Hong Kong
MY Malaysia
NF Belgium / France / Luxembourg
PL Poland / Finland
PL, PM Poland
PO Portugal
PP Philippines
PY Spain
QB Russia
QN Denmark / Iceland / Norway / Sweden
QL Italy / Portugal / Spain
RO Romania
RS, RP, RU Russia
RR Moldova
RM Kazakhstan / Russia
RK Kazakhstan
SE Serbia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
SU Ukraine
T Italy
TA Taiwan
TH Thailand
TU Turkey
TY Italy
VN Vietnam
X Australia / New Zealand
Y Spain
ZA Singapore
ZD Austria / Belgium / France / Germany / Luxembourg / Monaco / Netherlands / Switzerland
ZG Denmark
ZO United Kingdom
ZP Hong Kong / Macau
ZQ Jamaica

Just see which set of letters is before the slash and after the last number to determine the country of origin of your iPhone.

This information can be especially useful when you’re considering buying a used or imported iPhone. Knowing the device’s origin can help you better understand the specifications and features it may have.

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