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Expert Tips for Choosing the Ideal iOS 16 Lock Screen Wallpaper

iOS 16 has brought to the iPhone something that has always existed on the Apple Watch: personalization of the lock screen.

In addition to being able to place various widgets and change the time font, there is also the depth effect, which causes part of the image to overlap the time.

This is pretty cool, as long as we know how to choose the right type of image for it.

In our experience, we have noticed that some images look cooler than others. So, we decided to make a small tutorial about it, as well as provide some image suggestions for those of you who have just installed the system.

How to install a wallpaper on iOS 16

The process of setting a background image on iOS 16 is basically the same as in other versions, with an option directly in Settings.

What’s different now is that you can save multiple visual settings, which can be easily switched directly on the lock screen, in a similar way to the watch faces on the Apple Watch.

But let’s start from the beginning. To install a wallpaper in the most basic way, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Settings app

    2. Tap on the Wallpaper menu
    3. Tap on Add New Wallpaper
    4. Choose an image. The system shows you dozens of suggestions, but you can create your own by tapping the Photos button at the top of the screen.
    5. After selecting the image, adjust the position using the pinch movement with your fingers
    6. Tap on the time to change the font type. If you want, you can also add widgets in the top or bottom row of the time
    7. When finished, tap Add

Now you have a new lock screen background. Important points you need to know:

    • Not all images accept the depth effect. You need a specific object/person/animal with well-defined contours for the AI to identify the cutout.
    • You need to adjust the object to be cut close to the time on the screen.
    • You can’t have the depth effect if you add widgets. Therefore, if you really want to add them, you have to give up the cutout effect.
    • You can no longer add Live Photos to the lock screen. This is because the long touch on the screen now serves another purpose.

How to switch between lock screen visuals

As mentioned above, you can create multiple visuals for your lock screen and save them in the system. For example, you can add specific widgets for work hours and others for when you are at home.

To switch them, simply unlock with biometrics and, without leaving the lock screen, press it for 2 seconds. When you swipe to the side, you will see your other options and can even create a new one.

Wallpaper Suggestions

Ideally, you should use personal photos such as portraits of loved ones, your pets, or even places you’ve been to.

But you can also search for images whose main object is at the same height as the time. Buildings, rocky landscapes, and horizons work very well with depth effects.

Below, we provide some images that you can install on your iPhone to practice with, until you get the hang of it and create your own custom images.

Have fun!

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