Sponsored Content

BDI may, from time to time, provide space in its articles for developers or companies that want to promote their application or service.

However, to ensure that the site’s credibility is not compromised, we follow strict content controls before publication. We take the responsibility of writing the articles ourselves, which may undergo approval by the requesting party.

We are committed to our readers to only do this with high-quality products that provide relevant information to our audience.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish articles about products that our tests demonstrate do not meet the necessary quality standards to serve our followers or that may harm them in any way. Quality and relevance of content will always come first here at the Blog.

Articles of this type will always be identified in the Sponsored Content category, following our policy of transparency with our readers.

With this approach, we are able to economically sustain the site and continue to provide high-quality content to our readers free of charge.

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