First iPhone app entirely coded by chatGPT arrives at the App Store

Imagine that you are not a developer, you understand very little about programming, and yet, you want to create an iPhone application. What would you say if I told you that chatGPT can create all the code for you, to publish in the App Store?

Well, this is quite close to happening, as developer Morten Just demonstrated, who not only generated Swift code by AI but also just published the final app on the official Apple store.

The application is called 5 Movies and is very basic. But it already serves as a proof of concept that chatGPT is becoming very powerful even to help write computer codes.

Last week, he posted on Twitter the feat of having generated an iPhone application through chatGPT.

In the video, it is possible to see the prompt used by him and the code running in the Xcode Simulator.

The idea of the application is quite simple: suggest 5 movies per day to watch, showing the trailer of each one and the streaming services where it is available.

Writing Process of the Code

The process couldn’t have been simpler.

Morten Justin said he told the AI what he wanted, waited for the code to be generated, and tested it in an Xcode project. There were initial errors, but the chatbot itself corrected the bugs, just by pasting the error messages that appeared in the code.

He himself had to correct small parts, but this was no more than 5% of the entire code.

In about 5 minutes, he had an application ready to be sent to the App Store. And that’s what he did.

The new version of OpenAI’s engine, GPT 4.0, was released at the beginning of the month with major improvements, especially in its ability to write programming code.

This experience was the first case of an app fundamentally written by artificial intelligence to go through Apple’s approval process. There is no rule that prohibits coding by these means, but usually poorly written apps are not approved.

What does the future hold with this advancement we are witnessing in artificial intelligence? Will we be able to create our own applications ourselves, according to our needs, in the near future?

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