Google to Bring “Circle to Search” Feature to iPhone Soon

Samsung has been heavily promoting in its commercials the Galaxy AI, the Artificial Intelligence integrated into some of its newest phones that help with some daily tasks, such as editing photos and performing internet searches just by drawing a circle around the image of what you’re searching for.

However, many of these features are from Google and not Samsung.

And soon even the iPhone will receive one of them, “Circle to Search“, which may arrive through the Chrome browser for iOS.

According to information obtained by the website The Mac Observer, a new setting titled “Lens Circle to Search” has been quietly added to the Chrome app for iOS.

Internal codes found in Chrome for iOS

When this setting is enabled, the “Circle to Search” functionality becomes available within Google Lens for iOS devices. This means that iPhone users will be able to use the tool by drawing circles on the screen to perform searches without needing to leave the app.

However, this integration on iOS is different from the extensive integration the feature has on the Android system, where it is available throughout the operating system.

On iOS, “Circle to Search” will be limited to use in the Chrome browser. It is still unclear whether the feature will be available only for iPhones or if it will also include iPads, and the exact release date for iOS has not yet been disclosed by Google.

This feature arrives at a time when Apple is also moving to promote Artificial Intelligence in its systems, and it is expected that iOS 18 will bring many interesting new features in this regard.

Apple is expected to unveil the news on June 10, at the opening of WWDC, and you will follow the complete coverage here on the Blog do iPhone.

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