Apple warns against using rice to dry your wet iPhone

It’s already a classic tip that many people give when their iPhone falls into water: put it in rice! According to the theory, rice absorbs moisture and thus the components of the phone dry faster.

After all, who hasn’t seen rice in salt shakers at restaurants? There’s the proof that it works!

The problem is that rice can cause other inconveniences, and Apple published a document where it makes it clear that one of the things not to do is to put the iPhone in rice.

Apple advises against rice

Apple issued a warning about the common practice of placing wet iPhones in rice containers to aid in drying.

Although this technique is often recommended by online sources and even by reputable media outlets, such as BBC Science Focus, the company now advises against this approach.

This practice can allow small rice particles to enter the device’s openings and further damage the device.

Instead, Apple suggests a more cautious and patient approach to dealing with wet iPhones.

The company recommends that users remove excess liquid by gently tapping the device with the connector facing down.

Then, the iPhone should be placed in a dry area with good airflow to allow for natural drying.

After at least 30 minutes, users can try charging the device using a Lightning or USB-C cable.

If charging is unsuccessful, Apple advises letting the iPhone dry for up to 24 hours before trying again.

If the problem persists after these drying attempts, users are instructed to contact Apple support for further assistance.

Have you ever needed to use rice to dry your iPhone?

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