Unveiling the Tiny Tweaks Coming in iOS 16.6

At this time of year, all attention is focused on the new system that Apple will launch in September, and that’s why today we only talk about iOS 17. But the latest version of iOS 16, the iOS 16.6, is still in the works and will be released before that.

But is there anything new? What changes? Does this update really matter when iOS 17 is just around the corner?

Well, iOS 16.6 will come anyway, and for many who are not testing version 17, it will be available soon. So, in this article, let’s see everything that will change to determine whether it’s worth updating or not.

1. Contact Key Verification for iMessage

This highly anticipated feature aims to ensure that you are chatting with the correct person through a key verification system.

2. New security warning for iCloud on Windows

When you try to sign in to iCloud for Windows with a verification code and your iPhone and Windows computer are not on the same Wi-Fi network, your iPhone will display a new warning.

3. New warning for Matter accessories

When attempting to pair new Matter accessories, iOS 16.6 may issue a warning if the app is attempting an insecure pairing.

4. Icons for additional Beats Studio Buds+ colors

Images of the Beats Studio Buds+ headphone models in black and gold have been added, and iOS 16.6 beta 2 includes images of the other two colors: ivory and transparent.

Beats icons iOS 16.6
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5. New Recovery Key prompts

If you have two-factor authentication enabled and have a recovery key set up on your Apple ID account, when you forget your login password, you will see three new prompts to enter your recovery key.

6. New update recommendation for HomeKit

When adding people to your home in the Home app, you may receive a request to update your home to the latest version.

7. Apple Pay Later (US)

This new post-purchase payment option allows you to split purchases between $50 and $1,000 into four equal installments over six weeks, with no interest or fees. It was launched in March, but few people have received the invitation.

With iOS 16.6, this feature is expected to be finally rolled out to all Apple Card holders.

8. Sharing in the News app (US)

When you press and hold or tap the three dots on a scheduled score or game in the News app, you will see an option to directly share the game, making the process faster.

9. New transaction status updates on Apple Card (US)

If a user has an Apple Card and disputes a transaction, they may receive alerts related to the dispute.

10. Apple Card Family Sharing (US)

If a user shares their Apple Card with members of a Family Sharing group, they will see a new link for more information.

In addition to these new features, it is expected that iOS 16.6 will primarily bring bug fixes and security updates. The update will also apply to iPadOS 16.6.

Apple does not provide a specific release date for the final version, but considering the release history, iOS 15.6 was launched last year in the second half of July.

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