iOS 18

Get iOS 18 Wallpapers on Your iPhone Now

Do you want to have on your iPhone (or why not, Android) the same wallpaper as iOS 18, without having to install a buggy beta for it? Then just download one of the images below and use it on your phone, however you like.

It’s possible that over time Apple will release more images, but at the beginning of the beta phase, they only made one image available, which in the system has 8 different forms.

That’s because when installing the wallpaper, there’s the possibility to apply four types of filters: Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Purple. Additionally, there is the dark version for Night Mode, which applies the four filters again.

That’s why you’ll find eight different color options below, so you can download the one you like the most. There are also versions for iPad and computer. To install, just choose your preferred color and tap the link to download the image:

This year it seems that Apple chose to use darker colors both in their wallpapers and in the iOS 18 logo. We don’t know why they made this decision, but it is possible that by the end of the beta phase we will see changes, either in the colors or in the variation of the visual.

iOS 18 is in the testing phase among developers and is expected to be released to the general public only in September. Until then, stay tuned for all the news that will come here on BDI.

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